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Enjoy free delivery on your order when you spend 50 JDs or more

Wacaco Nanopresso Spring Journey, 80 ml + Free Belmio Whole Beans 250g

by Wacaco
69.000 JD
(Taxes Included)

The Wacaco Nanopresso is the new and improved version of the Wacaco Minipresso!

The maximum pressure of the Nanopresso is 18 bar, where the Minipresso had a pressure of 8 bar. This means you need even less force to pump your espresso. It also weighs only 336 grams and the water tank is also bigger: 80 ml of water capacity.

With this Wacaco Nanopresso you can prepare your espresso on the go, with the simple push of a button. Everything you need is the Nanopresso, ground coffee of your preference, hot water and here you go. Your espresso will taste amazing! No more surprises of a bad espresso shot, or not being able to get coffee. 

The Wacaco Nanopresso allows you to prepare your own perfect espresso shot wherever and whenever you want it. 

This small travel coffee machine only weighs 336 grams and easily fits in your luggage, as it's the size of one hand. 

The product comes with a single filter basket of 8 gr. You can purchase a double filter basket of 16 gr, an adapter for the Nescafé coffee cups and a large water tank separately.

This is the new journey series of the Nanopresso, Spring Run. Also available in 3 other awesome colours.