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Tefal Oven Dishes Paf 37x27 Corail-Les Special

SKU: TFJ5714882

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  • Exclusive flame on the product
  • Non stick coating for easy unmolding and cleaning
  • Made of aluminum: perfect and homogeneous heat diffusion for golden brown results
  • Dimensions compatibles with standard ovens
    • Tefal Tempo Flame is an easy-to-use range designed to meet your everyday cooking needs.
    • Features Technical characteristics Material: Aluminum treated for food use
    • Exterior color: non-stick – flame itinerary
    • Interior: New capacitor – Thermo Spot. Food cannot stick to edges
    • With a sturdy stainless steel cap
    • Used to cook all kinds of food
    • Made of high quality raw materials and does not interact with foods
    • Suitable for heat sources working on gas, electricity and ceramics
    • Equipped with two handles to facilitate carrying the container, whatever its size or weight
    • It has a transparent cover that can be seen from the outside
    • Coated with a new PowerGlide non-stick coating