Stanley Rogers

Stanley Rogers Strainer, Stainless Steel, Diameter 15 cm

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The high-quality, fine-meshed stainless steel sieve from Stanley Rogers with a comfort handle insert made of plastic is the ideal aid for fine sieving, straining and passing through all kinds of food. The handle with a black comfort handle insert made of plastic is ergonomically shaped and slides during use not out of hand, the wide sieve edge and the eyelet also ensure that the sieve is stable and secure. It has a diameter of 15 and a length of approximately 34 cm. After use, the strainer can easily be put in the dishwasher for cleaning.

For sieving, straining & straining all kinds of ingredients
High quality stainless steel
Ergonomic handle & comfort handle insert made of plastic
Stable hold thanks to the wide sieve rim and eyelet
Ø 15 cm, length 34 cm
Dishwasher safe

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