Stanley Rogers

Stanley Rogers Bread Knife, Presicion, German Stainless Steel

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The indispensable Stanley Rogers bread knife in forged look is seamlessly made from German stainless steel and impresses with its quality and uncompromising design. The high-quality bread knife guarantees the even and effortless cutting of bread and baked goods. Hard-skinned fruit and vegetables such as pumpkin or pineapple can also be easily cut into pieces. The sharp serrated blade ensures that hard crusts and shells can be penetrated with just a few cutting movements. The jointless handle was specially weighted. Thanks to the dotted handle structure, sand-blasted anti-slip texture and finger notch, the knife is particularly secure and firm in the hand. Because of the precise sharpening technique and the special manual trigger, the bread knife impresses with its particular sharpness and edge retention. After use, the aesthetic and indispensable knife should be hand-cleaned with a mild detergent and dried with a soft cloth.

Material Stainless steel
Colour Stainless steel
Finish Satin
Dimensions 210X335 mm


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