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Ocean Verrine Deep Bowl, 3"

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Verrine 3'' deep bowl is a line of transparent glass cups. Uniquely designed square cups, delicately patterned body, square body and sturdy base are perfectly balanced to place on trays and counters so you can confidently serve up spirits and cocktails preserves delicious flavors and mixed drinks, and features an eye-catching easy-to-grip body that's perfect for giving you the satisfaction of enjoying your favorite drinks, inspired by passion of lovers everywhere
VERRINE glass bowls, includes a set of thick glass cups for serving small foods such as canapes or other small appetizers. The Verrine Cup Set is inspired by the rounded square module, featuring a simple and modern aesthetic that makes food presentation stand out on the outside.
Verrine styling functions will make your serving more creative and one of a kind, you can create promotional menus according to a collection of possibilities to mix and match dishes, Style Cup Set Verrine is usually designed for services that are individually set up for each user.
Ocean Verrine Deep Bowl, 3"
Ocean Verrine Deep Bowl, 3" Sale price1.350 JD