Komax Coffee Pot, 2 L

SKU: 21050

15.000 JD

Tax included.

  • SMOOTH & DELICIOUS FLAVOR: Cold brew is up to 60% less acidic than typical, hot-brewed coffee which contributes to a uniform taste that is less bitter and makes for a smoother coffee experience.
  • CONCENTRATED COFFEE: Cold brew coffee is prepared by soaking coffee grounds in cold water for 12-24 hrs and it creates a coffee concentrate that can be used for hot or iced coffee beverages.
  • CHOOSE HOT OR ICED: Cold brew doesn?t mean you can?t enjoy a hot cup of joe. Simply mix pre made coffee concentrate with boiling water to enjoy your hot coffee with a delicious cold brew taste.
  • QUALITY DESIGN: This pitcher is made with durable tritan plastic for long lasting performance; a silicone handle ensures a no slip grip & the stainless steel mesh infuser creates bold, concentrated flavor.
  • EASY TO STORE: The Square design of our deluxe cold brew vessel allows you store your coffee concentrate right in the Square pitcher for up to 2 weeks so you can enjoy fresh cold-brewed coffee it anytime.

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