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Kenwood Chef Xl Food Processor, 6.7L, 1200W (Silver)


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1200W and a large 6.7 liter bowl in brushed stainless steel

The heart of each of the robots from the Chef XL line is a solid and  durable 1200W motor . It guarantees reliable operation and allows the device to quickly and effortlessly process the ingredients of even the most sophisticated dishes. Equipped with comfortable handles,  the spacious stainless steel bowl  allows you to prepare a meal for the whole family. Its capacity -  as much as 6.7 liters  will allow you to whip up to 16 proteins at the same time or knead almost 5 kg of dough.

Chef XL - KVL4220S

Thermoresist â„¢ glass blender included

Made of  Thermoresist â„¢ glass ,  resistant to high and low temperatures . Up to 1.6l capacity  and 4-zone stainless steel blades . It is great for breaking ice. It allows you to go from mixing high temperature ingredients to frozen ingredients without fear of breakage and damage.

Kenwood Chef KVL4220S food processor

3 metal stirrers included

K Stirrer  - the secret to perfect mixing results. It will allow you to prepare cakes, e.g. sponge cakes, sand or pasta cakes, cookies, candies, various types of fillings and stuffing, puree and many other dishes. Whisk  - unmatched in whipping cream and preparing meringues, souffles, cakes, sauces and mayonnaise. It aerates the masses, giving them a light and fluffy texture. Beats evenly, irrespective of the amount of ingredients. Dough hook  - quickly and efficiently kneads the dough, e.g. for homemade pasta, pizza, bread or donuts. The new shape of the whisk and spiral hook ensure perfect results and prevent the dough from over-rising during kneading.

Kenwood Chef KVL4220S food processor

Grinder included

Thanks to the solid metal construction of the body, scroll wheel and tray feeder, they can easily grind meat, fish, hard cheese, fruit and vegetables. Equipped with 3 screens  with hole diameters: 3 mm, 4.5 mm and 8 mm and  durable steel blades . It will help in the preparation of homemade pates, mousses, sausages and stuffing. The set includes two attachments for making sausages and a kebbe attachment and a pusher.

Chef XL - KVL4220S

Roto slicer included

Created for efficient cutting and shredding, it will greatly facilitate everyday cooking. Irreplaceable in grating cheese, vegetables or chocolate, it is easy to install, use and clean. It has been equipped with 5 drums that allow you to quickly prepare perfect dishes and desserts. It has: two drums for cutting into thin and thicker slices, among others cheese, vegetables (e.g. potatoes, beets, onions, cucumbers, peppers) and shredding cabbage and fruit, e.g. pineapple or bananas; two drums for coarse grinding of all kinds of hard vegetables, fruit and cheese for eye-catching salads, soups, stews, aleos and casseroles; drum for grating vegetables, e.g. for pancakes.


Technical informations

Attachments and accessories

  • Blender: Thermoresist
  • Attachment Slot - Bowl Type: Yes
  • Kneading hook: Yes
  • Grinder: Yes
  • K-type agitator: Yes
  • High-speed socket: Yes
  • Idle slot: Yes
  • Attachment for cutting, shredding and grating: Yes
  • Whisk: Yes

Basic information

  • Housing - material: Metal
  • The bowl - material: stainless steel
  • Mixing tools - material of manufacture: Coated aluminum
  • Color: Silver
  • Guarantee: Yes
  • Power: 1200W
  • Size (cm): 34.5H x 38.5W x 28.0D
  • Speed: Smooth regulation and pulsating operation
  • Libra: 7,658kg

The most important functions

  • Electronic speed control: Yes
  • Thorough mixing: Yes

the remaining

  • Spatula: Yes
  • Splash guard: Yes


  • Bowl capacity (total): 6.7 liters
  • Capacity - proteins: 16
  • Capacity - cake: 4.55kg
  • Capacity - bread mass: 2.56kg
  • Capacity - flour for confectionery: 910g