GEFU Salt Or Pepper Mill X-Plosion®, M Black

SKU: 34628

45.000 JD

Tax included.


Its in your hands: the innovative X-PLOSION® mill combines a modern design, superior technology and a creative culinary technique. Equipped with the impressive CYCLONE® precision grinder, it grinds salt crystals and peppercorns especially quickly, easily and efficiently, all the while producing the perfect level of grind, from extra-fine to extra-coarse. An X-PLOSION® always brings out the full, natural flavour of pepper and salt, from preparation to seasoning.

• High-Quality Cyclone® Ceramic Cone Grinder For The Utmost Precision And Efficiency
• External 14-Step Grind Adjustment, From A Fine Powder To Extra-Coarse
• Easy-Refill Spice Chamber
• Airtight Lid To Optimally Seal In Aroma And Protect Against Moisture
• Ø 6,2 Cm, H 15,0 Cm
• High-Grade Stainless Steel / Black Refined Surface / Plastic / Ceramic Grinder / Aluminum

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