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GEFU Nutcracker Manolo

SKU: 13440

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It results in tasty whole pieces of nuts without squashing them. The Nutcracker MANOLO does a perfect job.

•Two-Compartment System For Big And Small Nuts
•Suitable For Walnuts, Hazelnuts, Pecan Nuts / Almonds Cracks Nuts Without Damaging The Kernel
•L 21,8 Cm, W 5,4 Cm, H 5,3 Cm
•High-Grade Stainless Steel / Plastic
•Dishwasher Safe


Excellent materials, perfect Workmanship and consistent quality control ensure that our kitchen tools are particularly tough and durable. that's why our company offers a 5-year guarantee on all standard products and even a 20-year guarantee on exclusive GEFU items, as seen from the "Q" seals on the packaging. That way, all our costumers know they are buying a product that will reliably accompany them on their voyage of culinary discovery for many years to come. that's our guarantee.