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Enjoy free delivery on your order when you spend 50 JDs or more

GEFU Roast And Oven Thermometer 3 In 1 Messimo

SKU 21800
25.000 JD
Best Price in Jordan Guaranteed
(Taxes Included)

This roast and oven thermometer is a must for all who love delicious roasts. It is simply stuck into the roast and measures the temperature inside the roast and simultaneously in the oven during the roasting-process. It also displays a low roasting temperature of 70-80°C. Nothing can burn any more and the roast will always turn out perfect: inside soft, outside crispy. A practical kitchen aid for pork, beef or lamb roasts, game and poultry and other dishes. Measures temperature in the oven between 50° – 300°C and inside the roast between 30° - 100°C.

• Core Temperature Readout 25°C To 100°C / 75°F To 212°F
• Oven Temperature Readout 50°C To 300°C / 122°F To 572°F
• Temperature Readout For Low Temperature Cooking 80°C To 90°C / 176°F To 194°F
• L 8,5 Cm, W 6,5 Cm, H 13,0 Cm
• High-Grade Stainless Steel
•Dishwasher Safe


Excellent materials, perfect Workmanship and consistent quality control ensure that our kitchen tools are particularly tough and durable. that's why our company offers a 5-year guarantee on all standard products and even a 20-year guarantee on exclusive GEFU items, as seen from the "Q" seals on the packaging. That way, all our costumers know they are buying a product that will reliably accompany them on their voyage of culinary discovery for many years to come. that's our guarantee.