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GEFU Kitchen Torch Fuego

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The professional-quality kitchen torch for carmelising, browning, au gratin and crust toppings and peeling. With its flame temperature of up to 1,300 °C and very easy handling, you can put a crispy caramel layer on cream deserts, cakes and tarts, melt cheese on a delicious casserole, brown roasts and remove skin from tomatoes or peppers. As the size of the flame can be regulated, the appliance is suitable for a wide range of applications.

• Professional Quality
• Flame Temperature Up To 1,300°C
• Stepless Flame Regulation
• Flame Duration Of At Least 60 Minutes
• Fillable With Lighter Gas
• Stand Base And Child Safety Catch
• L 13,0 Cm, W 6,4 Cm, H 17,8 Cm
• Metal / Plastic


Excellent materials, perfect Workmanship and consistent quality control ensure that our kitchen tools are particularly tough and durable. that's why our company offers a 5-year guarantee on all standard products and even a 20-year guarantee on exclusive GEFU items, as seen from the "Q" seals on the packaging. That way, all our costumers know they are buying a product that will reliably accompany them on their voyage of culinary discovery for many years to come. that's our guarantee.

GEFU Kitchen Torch Fuego - Whole and All
GEFU Kitchen Torch Fuego Sale price53.000 JD