FMprofessional Multi Purpose Tong BBQ

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19.500 JD

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With the high-quality multi-purpose tongs made of stainless steel and plastic you can pick up and turn everything that is in large pots and pans or on the grill: Whether meat, poultry, vegetables or other ingredients, the tongs provide a secure hold and can be easily removed Force to open and close. Frying liquid and fat run off easily thanks to the perforations in the functional part. With a special length of around 45 cm, the professional kitchen aid is perfect for large grills and hobs. After use, the tongs are simply cleaned in the dishwasher and hung on a kitchen bar.

Picking up, turning and serving of grilled and roasting food of all kinds
Functional part made of stainless steel
Length 45 cm
Plastic coated handle
Dishwasher safe

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