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Fackelmann Wok-Pan Coated Steel With Wood Handle

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With the wok pan from Fackelmann you can quickly and easily prepare a wide variety of dishes. The wok has a diameter of approx. 26.5 and a length of approx. 42 cm and fits on every electric and gas stove and every ceramic hob. Thanks to the very good Xylan non-stick coating from Whitford, vegetables, meat, fish and co. do not stick. The high-quality and shapely handle made of beech wood is comfortable to hold and helps you to remove the wok from the stove safely and effortlessly. The wok pan is heat-resistant up to a maximum of +240°C and can be cleaned by hand after use. Frying, steaming, boiling, braising, deep-frying, steaming and blanching – there is almost nothing that you cannot do with the handy Fackelmann wok pan. The cooking and frying utensil originally comes from the Far East, but is also enjoying increasing popularity in private use in this country. Because cooking in the wok is a quick affair: Simply add all the ingredients one after the other depending on the cooking time, refine with spices and sauces, stir constantly and the delicious meal with a touch of the Far East and Asian culture is ready.

  • The Fackelmann wok pan for preparing food the Far Eastern way
  • With Whitford Xylan non-stick coating
  • Suitable for all heat sources, except induction
  • With environmentally friendly beech wood handle
  • Heat resistant up to +240°C
  • Easy cleaning by hand
  • Diameter 26.5 cm
  • Length including handle: approx. 42 cm