Fackelmann Soap Dispensing Palm Dish Brush

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The dish brush with washing-up liquid dispenser from Fackelmann provides more space and cleanliness on the sink. The robust dish-washing aid consists of surface-friendly plastic bristles (Ø bristle head approx. 7 cm) and has a container for liquid detergent (Ø approx. 5 cm). This is dispensed into the brush by pressing the button on the top, so that pots, dishes, casserole dishes, etc. are cleaned in a targeted manner. The dosage of the detergent is significantly lower than in the conventional rinsing process and therefore more environmentally friendly. The transparent crockery brush with blue bristles has a compact shape and is comfortable to hold. To clean, simply unscrew the brush head and container and rinse with lukewarm water. Who does not know her, the half-empty dish soap bottles next to the sink? The closure, which is often stuck with dried washing-up liquid, is not a pretty sight and for many an unavoidable evil. The solution to this everyday problem is the attractive dish brush with integrated washing-up liquid dispenser from Fackelmann. Simply fill in the washing-up liquid, press the button and dose and wash off in a targeted and environmentally friendly manner.

  • The practical dish brush with washing-up liquid dispenser for easy and gentle cleaning of dishes and more.
  • Incl. housing for filling in detergent
  • Detergent is fed into the cleaning bristles at the touch of a button
  • Bristles made of surface-friendly plastic
  • Prevents waste by precisely dosing the detergent
  • Hand wash with lukewarm water
  • Dimensions Ø 5 or 7 cm, height 9.5 cm
  • Color blue/transparent

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