Fackelmann Fruits Squeezer

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Whether for cooking and baking or for tea, with the two-piece lemon squeezer Eco from Fackelmann, lemons, limes and co can be squeezed effortlessly to get 500 ml of healthy juice. The trick: The cores remain in the upper part of the press, while the juice flows into a practical container with a spout. The handle ensures effortless application. After use, both parts can be cleaned in the dishwasher. The lemon squeezer impresses with its attractive and at the same time subtle color scheme in stone gray and mint green - a pleasant eye-catcher! In addition, the sustainable press is made of bio-based Green PE. This plastic is mainly made from renewable raw materials and thus conserves finite resources. Get the most out of the lemon!

  •  The Lemon Squeezer Eco for effortless squeezing of lemon, lime, orange & co.
  • Made from bio-based Green PE
  • Predominantly renewable raw materials - thus contributing to the conservation of finite resources
  • 2 parts: cores remain in the upper part, juice is collected in the lower container
  • Capacity of the collection container 500 ml
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Attractive color scheme in stone gray and mint green
  • In sustainable packaging made from FSCâ„¢-certified paper

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