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Fackelmann Fruit/Vegetable Brush

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Mushrooms and berries have at least one thing in common: you shouldn't wash them with water before eating them. This would simply wash out valuable nutrients and ingredients as well as the characteristic taste. With the sustainable fruit and vegetable brush from Fackelmann, mushrooms, carrots and strawberries, for example, can be cleaned easily and gently. The synthetic bristles form a dense brush pattern and ensure that sand and dirt residues are loosened without damaging the vegetables or fruit. The body of the brush is made of high-quality, FSCâ„¢-certified beech wood and is comfortable to hold. The fire embossing in a decorative vegetable design on the brush head gives the brush a modern touch. The quality brush "Made in Germany" can easily be cleaned by hand after use.

  • Fackelmann's fruit and vegetable brush for gently cleaning carrots, berries and more
  • Dense brush pattern
  • Easy and gentle cleaning of fruit and vegetables
  • Made from FSCâ„¢-certified beech wood
  • Easy cleaning by hand
  • Made in Germany
Fackelmann Fruit/Vegetable Brush
Fackelmann Fruit/Vegetable Brush Sale price7.500 JD