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Dr. Oetker "Back-Idee Kreativ" Maxi Roasting/ Casserole Dish Enamel, Black, 40X34X8 Cm

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Maxi Roasting/ Casserole Dish Enamel, Back-Idee Kreativ, Steel Plate With Enamel Coating, 40X34X8Cm Cut And Scratch Resistant, Absolutely Acid-Resistant Ideal Baking Results Thanks To Excellent Heat Conduction, Excellent Non-Stick Properties, Temperatureresistant Up To +400°C, Base Dishwasher-Safe, 10-Year Guarantee, Made In Germany, Blackbrbguarantee: /B10 Bcountry Of Origin: /Bgermany Bmaximum Temp.: /B+400°C