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Caso Air Fryer Xlarge With Window & Steamer, 1700W, 6.4 Liter

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For the ultimate taste experience: AirFry & Steam 700

Discover the versatility of our Design Combo Hot Air Fryer with Steam Function. With a generous basket volume of 7 liters, it's perfect for substantial servings, from a whole roasted chicken to up to 1.3 kg of fries.

This 3-in-1 air fryer offers diverse functions:

  • AirFryer Function (60 - 200 °C)
  • Steam Function (100 °C with steam)
  • AirFryer & Steam Function (140 - 200 °C)

Innovative Technologies for Perfect Results

Benefit from Even PowerConvection, ensuring uniform heat distribution throughout the cooking chamber. The adjustable timer (1 - 90 minutes) with an end signal delivers precise cooking results. Rapid HeatControl means the fryer is ready to use instantly, saving valuable time.

Enjoy healthy and low-fat preparation with the steam function – crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. The large 1.5-liter water tank, intuitive sensor-touch control panel, and transparent viewing window with optional interior lighting provide maximum control over the cooking process.

Easy cleaning is ensured with dishwasher-safe basket, rack, and removable water collection tray.

CASO Design AirFry & Steam 700 - Highlights: 

  • 3 in 1: Hot air fryer with the cooking functions hot air, steam cooking and hot air + steam cooking - all in one appliance
  • Perfect for preparing countless delicious dishes from vegetables, fish, pasta, gnocchi, juicy grilled chicken to French fries
  • The special feature is that the steam cooking function ensures that vegetables and fish in particular are prepared gently, thus preserving valuable vitamins, nutrients and especially the aroma and taste
  • The individually selectable setting and combination of hot air and steam cooking function makes food juicy, crispy and tasty
  • The result: perfect enjoyment, a unique taste experience and versatile food preparation

Why do I need the AirFry & Steam 700?

Unlike conventional air fryers, this innovative function not only allows for the preparation of crispy foods but also imparts incredible juiciness – all without the need for additional fat.

The steam function preserves the natural moisture of the food, ensuring they remain appetizingly crispy on the outside while tender and juicy on the inside. This revolutionary approach enables you to create healthy and flavorful dishes without sacrificing the delightful pleasure of crispy food.

In addition to the taste benefits, the AirFry & Steam 700 excels in user-friendliness and maintenance. The dishwasher-safe components make cleaning significantly easier, ensuring uncomplicated device maintenance. Thus, not only does preparing your favorite dishes become a joy, but the subsequent cleaning becomes a stress-free process. Choose the AirFry & Steam 700 for the utmost versatility, taste, and convenience in your kitchen.

Caso Air Fryer Xlarge With Window & Steamer, 1700W, 6.4 Liter
Caso Air Fryer Xlarge With Window & Steamer, 1700W, 6.4 Liter Sale price179.000 JD