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Bissell Handheld Multiclean Cordless Vacuum

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Ergonomically designed to fit the hand, the BISSELL® MultiClean TM Li-Ion Hand Vac 14.4V sets you free from twisted cords and knotted cables while cleaning.  Glide over surfaces and reach into almost all nooks and crannies to remove dirt and dust.  A rotating, motorized brush loosens food crumbs and surface stains for the powerful vacuum to pick up the remaining debris

The MultiClean Li-Ion Hand Vac 14.4V makes it easy to take care of messes right when they happen. Thanks to its powerful 14.4V lithium ion battery, this handheld vacuum has powerful suction and a long run time. The motorized brush tool is specially designed to help remove embedded dirt and debris.

  • The handheld vacuum cleaner is portable and effective, specifically designed to deal with unexpected messes anywhere and any time
  • Two-stage filtration system designed to help extend the life of the filter     
  • Motorized brush roll foot and two specialized tools- for more powerful suction and a thorough clean
  • Lightweight and compact
  • 14.4V Li-Ion Battery
Bissell Handheld Multiclean Cordless Vacuum
Bissell Handheld Multiclean Cordless Vacuum Sale price159.000 JD
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