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Ariane Straight Spoon Bowl 9.6X5.9*6X2.3 cm

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MINIATURE is a collection of small articles which have a large utility value as they make up the essential dinnerware accessories needed to complete your tableware service. This miniature version of utility articles perfectly complements all collections and suits all kinds of set-up.

Size: 9.6x5.9*6x2.3cm
Made In India
Dishwasher safe
Ariane porcelain is fired at high temperatures which making it highly resistant to repeated dish washing cycles at high temperature.
Microwave & salamander safe
Ariane Porcelain products are both microwave and salamander safe due to their heat resistant layer of glaze.
Perfect functionality
All our designs focus on absolute functionality. Most items are stackable including cups, bowls, and platters, which enables the most efficient use of space.
High chip resistance
The special high alumina material used by Ariane Fine Porcelain offers strength, durability and resistance against chipping to critical points like edges of cups, plates and handles
Thermal shock proof
Ariane Fine Porcelain not only retains heat to keep the food warm, but also is resistant to variations in temperature.
Smooth appearance
The special glaze fired at high temperatures not only gives all our porcelain a smooth, clean finish, but also ensures that it becomes completely non-porous, guaranteeing higher levels of hygiene.
Abrasion proof
The special glazing fired under high temperature ensures strong resistance to scratches or abrasions.
Ariane Anti-Microbial technology
Ariane Fine Porcelain brings to you the first commercial porcelain tableware that incorporates “Anti-Microbial Technology” and also manages to meet the demands of high-volume food-service operations from fast-casual eateries with counter service to fine-dining restaurants.
Ariane Straight Spoon Bowl 9.6X5.9*6X2.3 cm
Ariane Straight Spoon Bowl 9.6X5.9*6X2.3 cm Sale price1.750 JD
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