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The ECLIPSE collection with its bold and mesmerizing pattern creates an interesting setting in which exceptional food presentation can truly stand out.

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Ariane Eclipse Ashtray 9 cm
Ariane Eclipse Ashtray 9 cm Sale price4.750 JD
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Ariane Tea Cup Stackable 23 cl Eclipse
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Ariane Saucer Coffee/Tea/Mug Eclipse 15 cm
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Ariane Saucer Espresso 13 cm Eclipse
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Ariane Bowl Non Stackable EclipseAriane Bowl Non Stackable Eclipse
Ariane Bowl Non Stackable Eclipse Sale priceFrom 3.750 JD
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Ariane Plate Flat EclipseAriane Plate Flat Eclipse
Ariane Plate Flat Eclipse Sale priceFrom 2.500 JD
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