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Emile Henry Crown Baker

SKU EH799505
86.000 JD
(Taxes Included)
Color: Charcoal
Our Crown Baker allows you to make ring of light, crispy, small bread rolls. Simply divide the dough into eight even pieces, place them in the floured cavities, cover with the lid and place in the oven. Each cavity shapes small bread roll which links to the others while rising and baking in order to form perfect crown. The refractory ceramic of the crown-shaped base and the lid creates the right level of humidity during cooking, helping the dough to rise and creating light inside with a crispy crust. Easy to turn out, the baked crown can be served whole or as individual dinner rolls ; they simply detach neatly. The baker is dishwasher safe and keeps low profile for compact storage with the lid stacked upside down inside the base. Whether you bake plain dinner rolls, fancy olive and cheese rolls, or sweet chocolate buns, it is guaranteed success-–even more so presented as crown!

Max Temp. (°C): 270
Width: 30,5cm 12.01in
Length: 30,5cm 12.01in
Height: 10cm 4in
Guarantee: 10 years