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Emile Henry Casserole (4L) Delight

SKU EH776640
137.000 JD
(Taxes Included)
Our ‘Delight’ Casserole allows you to create delicious recipes––simmered, sautéed or roasted––with unparalleled ease on all types if heat sources (including induction), and in the oven. Developed using the latest technological resources, the “Delight” casserole is lot lighter than classic casserole dish and compatible with all types of heat sources (including induction). It offers the advantage of healthy cooking which respects the nutritional qualities of the ingredients used. The even heat distribution throughout the ceramic is ideal for enhancing the flavours while simmering, very gently, without burning… The dimples on the underside of the lid concentrate the evaporated juices, which fall back onto the ingredients in tiny droplets, ensuring that the recipe remains moist and full of flavour. With generous curves and black satin finish, the “Delight” casserole will enhance all recipes both family and exotic recipes when served directly on the table. Our ceramic is naturally non-stick and easy to clean. Handmade and carefully checked in our workshops in Burgundy, the casserole is guaranteed for years.

Max Temp. (°C): 450
Width: 31cm 12.25in
Length: 27cm 10,65in
Height: 19,5cm 65in
Guarantee: years